Yellowstone National Park

Everytime I start to write a blog it seems like it has been forever since my last one simply because I am seeing so many landscapes and having so many experiences! Anyways I think I know where to start on this one.. How about with a NATURAL HOT TUB! Callum and I found this spot and were very surprised just how cool it was. The water was so hot that you couldn’t get too close to the waterfalls coming out because it would burn you! But if you could find a nice spot inbetween it felt just like a hot tub! At times it didn’t even feel real!


Callum Snape in the natural Hot Springs

After the absolutely refreshing dip we made our way out to shoot the All-American Bear Tooth Highway making one stop for sunset on the way. The weather here can be very unpredictable and as we were driving to our sunset location it was looking very depressing out and was raining quite hard. We parked and waited anyways and the exact opposite of what we expected happened.. it exploded.


This sunset was absolute Insanity! The clouds were lit up so bright orange all around!

It took us a bit of near off road driving to get to this location and the Westy has never looked better!


Giving the Westy a little bit of character

All along the roads here in Yellowstone there is a multitude of wildlife so it can be hard to get anywhere on time as there are pile ups of cars all half parked with there cameras out taking photos! We have definitely been apart of this madness and I have to say it has been worth it! Here are some of my favourites so far..


Pronghorn Antelope staring me down


Bison rolling in the dust away from the herd

IMG_0526 (1)

Lone Bison walking down the road

Anyways we made it up the Beartooth and the weather was not favourable. For about a half hour we could see the milky way but it clouded over again almost immediately! Through out the entire night if I looked out I could see the sky being illuminated from lightning in the far off distance! It was a very cool thing to see but nearly impossible to photograph! During the day it  can get crazy windy and stormy but the drama that happens before and after is so breathtaking!


Mammatus Clouds after a rather intense storm while it was still raining

Anyways I am currently just outside of the ol faithful inn and am planning to get some footage of the Geysers erupting and hopefully a clear sky tonight for some timelapse of the geysers with the milky way above! I’ll leave you off with my favourite from up top the Beartooth before the clouds came in and covered up the sky!


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