White Sand

Well it sure has been a spectacular week for me down here in southern New Mexico and Arizona! I have been hanging out with Sean Parker Photography in Tucson for a couple days shooting some of the local spots with plans to shoot more in the near future! Anyways we went up to a local awesome photography spot that overlooks the city from Mt. Lemmon… and let me tell you. It was the kickstart of a week full of spectacular sunset’s and sunrises!


Sunrays just before sunset over the city of Tucson

The next day I decided to head off to the White Sands Monument in southern New Mexico and wow am I glad I made it out there! The park gates close at 6 pm sharp so in order to shoot anything with the moon or stars I had to back country camp.. A couple of the rules were that I had to sleep in a tent, it had to be set up before sunset and I wasn’t allowed to wander around in the dark as it is very easy to get lost. Well I only htended up doing one of these! I set up my tent that I had purchased from walmart (with the plans of returning) just for this night. Then I went a couple sand dunes over to find a nice composition for sunset.


A Perfect sunset in White Sands

While shooting I noticed that the wind started to pick up but didn’t really think anything of it although in the shot above the sand waves moved a solid foot to the right which looks absolutely fantastic! Then I continued on another sand dune over for a quick blue hour shot that also turned out rather splended!

IMG_0002 (8)

Blue hour ontop of a sand dune in White Sands

But when I returned to my campsite my tent was gone!!! It had blown away in the wind and was nowhere to be found!! So I walked down wind for about 20 minutes in the hopes of finding my missing tent with no luck! So I ended up sleeping in the Westy in the parking lot (which isn’t allowed) and shooting sunrise the next morning!

IMG_0014 (3)

On the search for my missing tent!.

The weather got a little overcast so I decided to head on up to Space Port America which turned out to be absolutely awesome! The first night I hadn’t received permission to shoot it yet so I could only shoot it from the road driving in.. and this was the light behind me… so I ended up just shooting this cause I mean… wouldn’t you?!?!?


Spectacular Sunset Clouds near Spaceport America

The next day while working on the permission to shoot the spaceport for sunrise I ended up meeting a couple from instagram who are travelling for a year in a VW car pulling a teardrop trailer! It was such an awesome night and we all went to the rivers bend and soaked in the hot springs for hours before and after dinner! Such a great night! The next morning I met my escort to go and shoot at Spaceport America and wow did I ever get lucky!

spaceport america

Sunrise light above the Spaceport from the Side

Out of all of the major publications that he had escorted (including the Smithsonian and Nat Geo) he said that I had the best light by far than anyone yet! I also found out that from this spot people will be able to pay a quarter of a million dollars to fly up into sub orbital space for 5 minutes and come back down!


The front of the Spaceport

After this sunrise shoot I raced (in the westy means 55 mph max) back to Tucson to be at the RAWards which Sean Parker won photographer of the year at which was very exciting! If you haven’t seen his stuff before I highly recommend checking it out! But I couldn’t resist pulling off the highway, finding a dirt road and shooting this..

Dessert Road sunset

Too good to be True

Anyways the Westy is getting a new brake pad so I am stranded here in Tucson shooting these sunsets for a couple more days before I had back up North!
Have an awesome day!


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